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With all the demands in our busy lives, it is not uncommon to feel “off” mentally and physically. When our health and our well being gets off track, we often need support to help us get back in balance and to feel good again. It is possible!  The first step is to reach out for help and then begin the process of establishing reachable goals.



 A New York native currently living in Marin County, California, Mary Serphos has worked extensively with children and families since 1995. Mary is a Licensed Psychotherapist, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Nutrition Consultant, Freelance Writer and Mindfulness Teacher. Mary has experience in individual, family and group psychotherapy in both English and Spanish. She has led therapeutic and support groups focused on crisis situations and trauma, eating disorders, chronic health concerns, mindfulness, anxiety and depression, coping with divorce, loss and grief, nutritional counseling, cleansing and conscious eating patterning.

Graduate Training

  • Smith College School for Social Work

For nearly a century, the Smith College for Social Work has provided graduate social work education to men and women around the world.  Their program is internationally recognized for its dedication to and specialization in clinical social work, and for the commitment to academic excellence.

  • The Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Founded in 1992, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition is the largest nutrition school in the world. Bringing students and colleagues together from around the globe as part of the food revolution to train educators, health coaches and dietitians on health and wellness. 


  • Licensed Psychotherapist
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • Certified Health Coach

Psychotherapy and Education

Mary is currently working as a private Child & Family Therapist in Marin County. Having worked in San Francisco for the Unified School District and at Edgewood Center for Children & Families, she holds a deep understanding of familial challenges and it's applicable process in discovering one's true nature. She's also offering private sessions in Holistic Health Coaching for individuals and families. 

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