A dreamlike experience.

“Thank you, Mary. I enjoyed our time working together and learned a lot from you. You are a talented and knowledgeable person. I can tell that you really want to help people. I am extremely impressed with your communication skills and broad insight into psychology, nutrition and healthy/clean/superior approaches to lifestyle maintenance. I feel lucky to have met you. Best wishes to you and many thanks.”

— D.L. Mamaroneck, New York

She saved my hearing!

“After suffering a surfing accident I was diagnosed with an inner ear injury that caused vertigo, nausea and dizziness for more than eight months. I went through treatments for BPPV, acupuncture and meditation with very little relief. I was resigned to the fact that I may have to live with this for the rest of my life. A chance meeting with Mary has given me back my active lifestyle including surfing, yoga, hiking and biking. Mary created a one-week cleansing diet for me and within two days, all the symptoms miraculously disappeared! With Mary’s knowledge and experience, I believe she can help in your pathway to a full and healthier life! Thank you so much Mary!”

— C.O., Costa Rica

"I didn't know healthy food could taste so good."

— S.R., Nosara, Costa Rica



“I was suffering from migraines and other stress related health issues. Mary was able to connect with me in such an amazing way and understand these issues on all levels. Mary adjusted my diet regime and got my lifestyle back on track in such a way that my health improved immediately. I appreciated her compassion through the process and would highly recommend her services to anyone!”

— A.M., San Anselmo, CA

Everything we wanted and more.

"My twelve-year-old son's tension reduced by at least HALF IN ONE DAY after Mary Serphos convinced me to start a gluten-free diet. And it was easy. Just as easy is shopping for the diet, and Mary's 'Grocery Market Tour' did the trick. She showed me, outside my habitual trail through the grocery store, how most of the diet items are readily available. Many, many thanks!" 

— C.M., Fairfax, CA


Stellar, professional service.

"Have you ever walked through the aisles of Whole Foods seeing the same possibilities and combinations over and over again? During my first Grocery Store Tour with Mary I had my eyes opened to a new world of possibilities (new foods and forgotten favorites) that had always been present, but that in the normal routines of life, I overlooked. I believe Mary's knowledge-base facilitated this shift. Being able to see new possibilities in a place that feels as familiar as home is a gift I cannot thank her enough for."

— GR, San Rafael, CA

My daughter found contentment.

"I had Mary work with my daughter (7) to help her through ta difficult divorce and some issues at school and my daughter loves her. Mary would just come over and 'play' with my daughter in ways that helped her articulate what she was going through. She had quite a variety of activities that she did with L. that helped her with talking about various aspects of her life and coached me in ways to help without betraying my daughters trust."

—L.M., Tiburon, CA

2 thumbs way up!

"Mary is a great teacher! With her calm and loving way, she transformed our on-hand food items into a delectable, super-nutritious meal. I loved having Mary in our kitchen. I learned a lot from her, too! "

— MB, Fairfax, CA

What a beautiful spirit.

"Mary is a gem of a person- insightful, keen observer and supportive. Whenever we meet, I cherish the time and walk away with deep lessons. Her emotional, psychological and caring commentary helped me to make an important growth decision in my life- one that was long overdue. I am grateful."

—CM., Oakland, CA

Outstanding advocate for health.

"Mary Serphos of the Aware Body, is a dedicated and outstanding advocate for health and nutrition. The information, resources and presentations by Mary are highly regarded in our community."

—C.R., San Anselmo Chamber of Commerce Director, CA


Experience a change for yourself.